Understanding Nvidia DLSS: Revolutionizing gaming graphics (2024)


  1. 1What is Nvidia DLSS?
  2. 2How does DLSS work?
  3. 3Benefits of using DLSS
  4. 4DLSS compatible games and apps
  5. 5How to enable DLSS in games
  6. 6Future of DLSS and gaming

When it comes to video games, fewer programs can take a game’s graphics to the next level like Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). This groundbreaking technology leverages AI to revolutionize video game graphics and performance. Its robust infrastructure has shaken up the world of gaming for good.

There’s no doubt that DLSS has become increasingly relevant in the current gaming industry. After all, the importance of strong gaming performance and graphics can’t be overstated. In heated gaming events like the Red Bull Kumite, performance and graphics can make all the difference.

By enabling smoother and more visually stunning gaming experiences, DLSS is a (video) game changer. Keep reading to learn more about Nvidia DLSS, including how — and where — to enable it for the best results.


What is Nvidia DLSS?

Simply put, Nvidia DLSS is a program that harnesses neural graphics technology and artificial intelligence to improve video game graphics and performance. DLSS technology has been specifically engineered to create higher-resolution images through image reconstruction along with new frames during gameplay. Plus, with thorough ray-traced content DLSS facilitates the major improvement of a video game’s image quality.

DLSS stands out because of its use of deep learning and AI, which allows it to upscale images in real time. That’s how DLSS can provide these high-quality visuals without the traditional performance deficit. While its first release was in 2019, DLSS has gone through several iterations. Its newest version, 3.5, was released in September 2023. It notably features ray reconstruction, with an AI algorithm trained on five times more data than Version 3.

While DLSS is designed to be convenient for the gamer using it, its training process is complex and refined. Because DLSS relies on AI and deep learning, it must absorb a vast amount of content in order to improve a game’s graphics and performance. The DLSS model looks at thousands of input frames and is tasked with creating accumulated frames that are as close to “perfect” as possible.

Nvidia DLSS notably uses temporal feedback and specialized anti-aliasing techniques to generate high-quality images from lower-resolution inputs. These techniques allow Nvidia supercomputers to reconstruct detailed textures and create clean edges. By going a step above the capacity of native rendering, DLSS can take your gameplay to new heights.


Benefits of using DLSS

The following are some of the most notable benefits of using DLSS.

  • Improved frame rates. DLSS has been proven to increase frame rates by up to three to four times.

  • Enhanced image quality. With the power of AI, DLSS puts out high-res frames, even with a low-res input. Using these low-res images, DLSS uses motion data and feedback to create higher-quality images.

  • Better performance. When compared to native rendering, DLSS can increase a game’s performance by up to 300 percent.

  • Smoother gameplay. With all of these extra frames, increased frame rates, and higher quality images, DLSS makes for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Strengthened visual fidelity. Even with all of its bells and whistles, DLSS still retains strong visual fidelity. It can even increase it at 1080p.


DLSS compatible games and apps

Below is a list of popular games and applications that support DLSS. To use DLSS, your operating system must also be Windows 10 20H1 or newer.


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

  • Diablo IV

  • Fortnite

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor


  • Autodesk VRED

  • Bentley Systems LumenRT Connect

  • D5 Render

  • Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (4 & 5)

  • OBS (including Streamlabs)

  • Unity Technologies’ Unity


How to enable DLSS in games

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to activating DLSS in compatible games.

  1. Make sure that your Nvidia GPU is up to date by going to the “Drivers” tab and downloading any available updates.

  2. Launch a DLSS-compatible video game.

  3. Open the game’s “Settings” tab, and select the “Graphics” option.

  4. Switch the DLSS setting on. If you don’t see a DLSS setting, select an upscale method and search through the available options until you see “Nvidia DLSS.”

  5. Enjoy your game with improved graphics and a major performance boost. If you’re unsure if DLSS is enabled or is making a difference, check out your frames per second. If it’s increased, then DLSS is doing its job.


Future of DLSS and gaming

With AI models making their mark on countless industries, DLSS is here to stay in the gaming world. As the technology improves, there’s no doubt that DLSS will continue rising in prominence and popularity. And with every iteration of DLSS, the program has become applicable to even more games and apps. Its industry staying power is one of many reasons why gamers should stay up to date with all things DLSS.

See the bigger, better picture with Nvidia DLSS

If you’re looking to turn up the heat and improve your gaming graphics, then Nvidia DLSS might be the program for you. This revolutionary AI-based technology has already made major waves in the gaming space – and it shows no signs of stopping. Plus, with compatibility on such a wide range of popular apps and games, you can easily make DLSS work for your play style. Talk about leveling up your gameplay.

Understanding Nvidia DLSS: Revolutionizing gaming graphics (2024)
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