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Antiques Department

Grand Champion: Whitney Carson-Mahin

Reserve Grand Champion: Sharon Dras

Division II: Kitchen

Champion & Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson

II.A.1, Blue: Judy Campbell

II.B.1Karen Wolter, Pam Robinson

II.B.2, Blue: Vicky Lane, Pam Robinson

II.C.1, Blue: Shirley Tansy, Pam Robinson, Katy Allen

II.E.1, Blue: Pam Robinson

II.E.2, Blue: Pam Robinson, Judy Campbell

II.F.1, Blue: Vicky Lane, Pam Robinson, Katy Allen

II.F.2, Blue: Pam Robinson, Bev Carson

Division III: Hand Tools

III.A, Blue: Pam Robinson

Division IV: Leisure Items

Champion: Sharon Dras

Reserve Champion: Roberta Eck

IV.A.1, Blue: Roberta Eck

IV.B.1, Blue: Kathy Dunaway, Pam Robinson, Roberta Eck

IV.B.2: Blue: Sharon Dras, Pam Robinson

IV.E.1, Blue: Vicky Lane

Division V: Personal Items

Champion: Sharon Dras

Reserve Champion: Olivia Cassidy

V.A.2, Blue: Sharon Dras

V.B.1, Blue: Jana Burbrink

V.C.1, Blue: Jane Huber, Kathy Dunaway, Pam Robinson

V.C.2, Blue: Pam Robinson

V.D.1, Blue: Pam Robinson

V.D.2, Blue: Pam Robinson

V.E.1, Blue: Vicky Lane

V.E.2, Blue: Pam Robinson, Christa Weaver, Olivia Cassidy

Division VI: Needle Arts and Sewing

Champion: Kathy Dunaway

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson

VI.B.1, Blue: Pam Robinson

VI.B.2, Blue: Pam Robinson

VI.F.1, Blue: Kathy Dunaway, Pam Robinson

VI.F.2, Blue: Vicky Lane, Whitney Carson-Mahin, Pam Robinson

VI.G.1, Blue: Pam Robinson

VI.G.2, Blue: Pam Robinson

Division VII: Advertising, Memorabilia, Collectibles

Champion & Reserve Champion: Diana Lemmons

VII.A, Blue: Diana Lemmons, Vicky Lane, Pam Robinson, Roberta Eck, Whitney Carson-Mahin

VII.B, Blue: Diana Lemmons, Bev Carson

Division VIII: Miscellaneous

Champion: Whitney Carson-Mahin

Reserve Champion: Kevin Carson

VIII.A: Pam Robinson

VIII.B, Blue: Pam Robinson, Whitney Carson-Mahin, Kevin Carson

Crafts Department

Grand Champion: Kim Lohman

Reserve Grand Champion: Anderson Ross

Division I: Crafts (Sewing)

Champion: Pat Rosenfeld

Reserve Champion: Teresa Burnine

I.D, Blue: Anita Peters

I.G.3, Blue:Jane Huber

I.H, Blue: Pat Rosenfeld, Teresa Burnine

Division II: Crafts (Non-Sewing)

Champion: Rebecca Herring

Reserve Champion: Christa Carson-Weaver

II.B.2.b, Red: Jan Myers

II.B.5, Blue: Christa Carson-Weaver, Marjorie Price

II.B.5, Red: Kim Lohman, Kaley Kessler, Marjorie Price

II.B.5, White: Marjorie Price

II.B.5, Honorable Mention: Kaley Kessler

II.C.3.a, Blue: Pam Robinson

II.C.3.b, Blue: Lisa Addis

II.C.3.b, Red: Mary Ann Toll

II.D, Blue: Rebecca Herring

II.D, Red: Deb Stafford, Pattie Stone

II.D, Honorable Mention: Peggy Jacobs

Division III Crafts (Floral)

Champion: Whitney Carson-Mahin

Reserve Champion: Leann Ramsey

III.A.1, White: Kim Lohman

III.A.3, Honorable Mention: Christa Carson-Weaver

III.A.4, Blue: Katy Allen

III.A.4, Red: Karen Miller

III.B.3, Blue: Whitney Carson-Mahin, Leann Ramsey

III.B.3, Red: Kaley Kessler

III.B.3, Honorable Mention: Christa Carson-Weaver

Division IV: Recycled Creations

Champion: Madelyn Scott

Reserve Champion: Jane Huber

IV.A, Blue: Bev Carson, Whitney Carson-Mahin, Carol Stohry

IV.A, Red: Bill Taylor

IV.B, Blue: Madelyn Scott

IV.C, Blue: Jane Huber

IV.C, Red: Cindy Law

Division V: Scrapbooking

Champion: Kim Lohman

Reserve Champion: Whitney Carson-Mahin

V.A.2.b, Blue: Kim Lohman

V.B.1.b, Blue: Whitney Carson-Mahin

Division VI: Paper Crafts

Champion: Pattie Stone

Reserve Champion: Kim Lohman

VI.A.3, Red: Pattie Stone

VI.A.4, Blue: Mary Ann Toll

VI.A.4, Red: Tracey Blesdoe

VI.A.6, Blue: Judy Campbell

VI.B, Blue: Pattie Stone, Tracey Blesdoe

VI.C, Blue: Pattie Stone, LeAnn Ramsey

VI.D, Blue: Peggy Jacobs

VI.E, Blue:Pattie Stone

VI.G, Blue: Kim Lohman

VI.G, Red: Tracey Blesdoe

Division IX: Woodworking

Champion: E Anderson Ross

Reserve Champion: Tom Williams

IX.C, Blue: Tom Williams

IX.E, Blue: Tom Williams, Anderson Ross

Division XI: Holiday Decorations

Champion: Mary Ann Toll

Reserve Champion: Sharon Yarling

XI.A, Blue: Mary Ann Toll, Cindy Law, Kim Lohman, Ruth Ann Kirby

XI.B, Blue: Pattie Stone, Pattie Stone, Ruth Ann Kirby

XI.C, Blue: Sharon Yarling, Kim Lohman

XI.D.1, Blue: Christa Carson-Weaver

XI.D.1, Red: Kaley Kessler, Ruth Ann Kirby

XI.D.2, Blue: Sharon Yarling

XI.D.6, Blue: Sharon Yarling

XI.D.7, Blue: Peggy Jacobs, Pattie Stone, Sharon Yarling, Whitney Carson-Mahin

Division XII: Giftwrap

Champion: Laura Stieneker-Taylor

XII.A.2, Blue: Tracey Blesdoe

XII.A.3, Blue: Tracey Blesdoe

XII.C.1.b, Blue: Laura Stieneker-Taylor

Division XIII: Memorabilia

Champion: Vicky Lane

Reserve Champion: Kim Lohman

XIII.A, Blue: Vicky Lane

XIII.C, Blue: Vicky Lane, Diana Lemmons, Kim Lohman

Division XV: Hobbies/Collectibles

Champion: Pam Herther

XV.A, Blue: Pam Herther

Division XVI: Leather Craft

Champion & Reserve Champion: Richard Herring

XVI.A, Blue: Richard Herring

XVI.F, Blue: Richard Herring

Fine Arts Media

Grand Champion: Sharon Fansler

Reserve Grand Champion: Bonnie Steffey

Division I: Adult Advanced

Champion: Sharon Fansler

Reserve Champion: Marge Price

I.A, Blue: SharonFansler

I.B, Blue: MargePrice, Jerald WayneSmith, RebeccaHerring

I.B, Red: JanMyers, MargePrice, RebeccaHerring, RonaldKramer

I.D, Blue:ShannonJohnson

I.E, Blue: SharonFansler, RonaldKramer

I.H, Red: JanMyers

Division II: Adult Intermediate

Champion: Bonnie Steffy

Reserve Champion: Sharon Moore

1.B, Blue:BonnieSteffey

II.B, Blue: SharonSmith, SharonYarling, SharonMoore

II.B, Red: SharonSmith, SharonMoore

II.C, Blue: BonnieSteffey, SharonYarling

II.H, Blue: SharonYarling

Division III: Adult Beginner

Champion: Jane Huber

Reserve Champion: Gary Anderson

III.B, Blue: GaryAnderson

III.B, Red: LisaAddis

III.E, Blue: JaneHuber

III.G, Blue: WhitneyCarson-Mahin

Division V: Adult Coloring Page

V.A, Blue: E. Ann Myers

V.A, Red: Lisa Addis, E. Ann Myers

V.B, Blue: Lisa Addis, E. Ann Myers, Ruthann Kirby

V.B, Red: Kaley Kessler

V.C, Blue: Lisa Addis

V.D, Blue:Lisa Addis, E. Ann Myers, Ron Kramer

V.D, Red: RonKramer

Foods Department

Grand Champion: Olivia Cassidy

Reserve Grand Champion: Pam Robinson

Division I: Cakes

Champion: Olivia Cassidy

Reserve Champion: Tracey Blesdoe

I.B, Blue: Tracey Blesdoe

I.F, Blue: Tracey Blesdoe, Olivia Cassidy

Division II: Cookies/Bars

Champion: Olivia Cassidy

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson

II.A, Blue: Pam Robinson, DeAnna Kirby

II.D, Red: Cindy Law

II.E, Blue: Pam Robinson

II.I, Blue: Olivia Cassidy, Pam Robinson

II.I, Red: DeAnna Kirby

Division III: Plan Yeast Breads

Champion: DeAnne Ramsey

III.A, Blue: DeAnnaKirby

Division IV: Fancy Yeast Breads

Champion: DeAnna Kirby

IV.A, Red: DeAnna Kirby

IV.B, Blue: DeAnna Kirby

Division V: Quick Breads

Champion: Olivia Cassidy

Reserve Champion: LeAnne Ramsey

V.B, Blue: LeAnne Ramsey

V.C, Blue: Olivia Cassidy

Division VII: Homemade Candy

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Sharon Dras

VII.C.1, Blue: Danny Robinson, Pam Robinson

VII.C.3, Blue: Pam Robinson

VII.C.4, Blue: Pam Robinson

VII.H, Blue: Sharon Dras, Pam Robinson

Division VII: Microwave

VIII.A.1, Red: Cindy Law

Division X: Enhanced Box Mix

Champion: Debbie Stafford

X.E, Blue: Debbie Stafford

Horticulture Department

Grand Champion: Carol Stohry

Reserve Grand Champion: Nickey Hansome

Division I: Root Crops

Champion: Peggy Jacobs

Reserve Champion: Jeff Curtiss

I.C, Blue: Peggy Jacobs

I.C, Red:Carol Stohry

I.D, Blue: Peggy Jacobs

I.D, Red: Kathy Dunaway

I.D, White: Pam Robinson

I.E, Blue: Jeff Curtiss

I.I, Blue: Jeff Curtiss

Division III: Crucifers

Champion: Carol Stohry

III.B, Blue: Carol Stohry

III.E, Blue: Tracey Bledsoe

III.F, Blue: Tracey Bledsoe

III.G, Red: Jeff Curtiss

Division IV: Other Vegetables

Champion: Jeff Curtiss

IV.A.4, Red: Jeff Curtiss

IV.C.2, Blue: Jeff Curtiss

IV.G.2, Red: Peggy Jacobs

IV.J, Red: Jeff Curtiss

Division V: Fruits

Champion: Nickey Hansome

V.C, Red: Pam Robinson

V.D, Blue: Nickey Hansome

Let’s Bake a Pie Department

Grand Champion Pie: Pam Robinson

Reserve Grand Champion Pie: Pam Robinson

Grand Champion Crust: Sharon Snyder

Reserve Grand Champion Crust: Pam Robinson

Division I: Cream Filled Pies

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Sharon Snyder

I.B, Blue: Sharon Snyder, DeAnna Kirby

I.D, Blue: Pam Robinson

I.E.1, Blue: Pam Robinson

I.H, Blue: Sharon Snyder

I.I, Blue: Debbie Stafford

Division II: Fruit Pies

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson

II.A, Blue: Sharon Snyder

II.E, Blue: Pam Robinson

II.E, Red: DeAnna Kirby

II.J, Blue: Pam Robinson

II.K, Blue: Rebekah Kirby

II.N, Blue: Pam Robinson

Division III: Nut Pies

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Laura Stieneker-Taylor

III.A, Blue: Laura Stieneker-Taylor, Pam Robinson

III.B, Blue: Debbie Stafford

Division IV: Do Your Own Thing Pie

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Shelia Earle

IV.B, Blue: Laura Stieneker-Taylor

IV.C, Blue: Pam Robinson

IV.D, Blue: Shelia Earle

IV.D, Red: Pam Robinson

Division V: Ready Made Crust

Champion: Ruthann Kessler

V.A, Blue: Ruthann Kessler

V.A, Red: Debbie Stafford

V.B, Red: Kaley Kessler, Lisa Sosbe

V.C, Red: Miranda Earl

Needle Arts and Sewing Department

Grand Champion: Peggy Jacobs

Reserve Grand Champion: Heather Muska

Division I: Crochet

Champion & Reserve Champion: Lisa Addis

I.A.1.a, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.A.3, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.A.4, Blue: Lisa Addis, Anita Peters

I.A.5, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.B.5, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.B.5, Red: Lisa Addis

I.B.6, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.C.1.b, Blue: LeAnn Ramsey, Ann Schilling

I.C.1.c, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.C.1.c, Red: Sharon Yarling

I.C.3, Blue: Lisa Addis

I.C.7, Blue: Sharon Yarling, Lisa Addis

I.C.7, Red: LeAnn Ramsey

Division II: Knitting

Champion: Heather Muska

Reserve Champion: Lori Ball

II.A.3, Blue: Jana Burbrink

II.A.4, Blue: Heather Muska

II.A.4, Red: Jana Burbrink

II.A.5, Blue: Lori Ball

II.B.6, Blue: Heather Muska

II.C.1.b, Blue: Heather Muska

II.C.3, Red: Heather Muska

Division III: Applique

Champion: Cathy Burnes

III.B.2, Blue: Cathy Burnes

Division IV: Embroidery

Champion: Peggy Jacobs

IV.G, Blue: Peggy Jacobs

IV.G, Red: Anita Peters

Division V: Counted Cross Stitch

Champion: Pam Herther

Reserve Champion: Robin Ailes

V.B.2, Blue: Lisa Addis, Robin Ailes, Pam Herther

Division VI: Canvas Work

VI.B.2.b, Blue: Anita Peters

Division VIII: Sewing

Champion: Pat Rosenfeld

Reserve Champion: Bonnie Steffey

VIII.E.3, Blue: Pat Rosenfeld

VIII.E.4, Blue: Jenny Branson

VIII.E.4, Red: Jenny Branson, Anita Peters, Pattie Stone

VIII.E.7, Blue: Bonnie Steffey

VIII.E.8, Blue: Marsha Paris, Holly Daniels

VIII.E.8, Red: Pattie Stone

Division X: Machine Embroidery

Champion: Peggy Jacobs

Reserve Champion: Anita Peters

X.B, Blue: Peggy Jacobs, Anita Peters

Nursing Home/Assisted Living Department

Division I: Crafts, Framed Jigsaw Puzzles

Champion & Blue: Margaret Reuter andDorette Kuhn; Ashford Place

Photography Department

Grand Champion: Vinnie Gaudin

Division I: Monochrome (Black & White)

Champion: Vinnie Gaudin

Reserve Champion: Kathy Dunaway

I.D.2, Blue: Vinnie Gaudin

I.E.1, Red: Katy Allen

I.G.2, Blue: James Thurston

I.H.3, Blue: LeAnne Ramsey

I.I.2: Blue: Vinnie Gaudin

I.J.2, Red: Kathy Dunaway

I.J.3, White: Katy Allen

I.L.1, White: Katy Allen

I.L.2, Blue: Kathy Dunaway

Division II: Natural Color Prints

Champion: Pam Robinson

Reserve Champion: Bev Carson

II.A.1, Red: Whitney Carson-Mahin

II.A.2, Blue: Bev Carson, Debbie Meal

II.A.2, Red: LeAnne Ramsey

II.A.3, Red: LeAnne Ramsey

II.B.2, Blue: Pam Robinson, Jane Huber

II.B.2, Red: Christa Carson-Weaver, Vinnie Gaudin

II.C.2, Blue: Kathy Dunaway, Jill Coen

II.D.2, Blue: Christa Carson-Weaver, Debbie Meal, Whitney Carson-Mahin, Hila Collier, Stephanie Joest

II.D.2, Red: Laura Stieneker-Taylor, Tatem Hodge, John Huber

II.D.2, White: Sarah Newkirk, Vinnie Gaudin, Stephanie Joest

II.E.1, Blue: Katy Allen, Whitney Carson-Mahin

I.E.2, Blue: Whitney Carson-Mahin, Nick Riggins, Jane Huber, Larry Perkinson, Larry Perkinson, Debbie Meal, Tatem Hodge,

II.E.2: Red: Hila Collier

II.E.2, White: Diana Lemmons, Laura Stieneker-Taylor

II.F.2, Blue: Diana Lemmons, Lisa Addis, Jane Huber, Christa Carson-Weaver, Debbie Meal, Tatem Hodge

II.F.2, Red: Lisa Addis, Carol Stohry, Kathy Dunaway, Hila Collier

II.F.2, White: Tatem Hodge

II.F.3, Blue: Kathy Dunaway, Katy Allen

II.G.2, Blue: James Thurston, Sarah Newkirk, Jane Huber, Debbie Meal, Tatem Hodge, Jill Coen

II.G.2, Red: Vinnie Gaudin, John Huber, Christa Carson-Weaver

II.G.2, Honorable Mention: Bev Carson

II.G.3, Red: Whitney Carson-Mahin

II.H.1, White: Katy Allen

II.H.2, Blue: Lisa Addis, John Huber, Debbie Meal

II.H.2, Red: Jane Huber, Tatem Hodge

II.H.2, White: Debbie Meal

II.I.2, Blue: Diana Lemmons, Sarah Newkirk, Lisa Addis, Jane Huber, Tatem Hodge, Jill Coen

II.I.2, Red: Lisa Addis, Laura Stieneker-Taylor, Debbie Meal

II.I.2, White: John Huber

II.I.3, Honorable Mention: Vinnie Gaudin

II.J.1, Blue: Whitney Carson-Mahin

II.J.2, Blue: Jane Huber, Christa Carson-Weaver, Tatem Hodge, Jill Coen

II.J.2, Red: Hila Collier, Bev Carson

II.J.3, Blue: Katy Allen

II.L.2, Blue: Laura Stieneker-Taylor

II.L.3, Blue: Vinnie Gaudin

Quilts Department

Grand Champion: Susan Brewer

Reserve Grand Champion: Becky Margison

Division III: Machine Stitched, Machine Quilted by entrant

Champion: Terri Moore

Reserve Champion: Wanda Tompkins

III.C, Blue: Jenny Branson, Holly Daniels, Terri Moore, Wanda Tompkins

Division V: Commercially Machine Quilted or Hand Quilted (Paid to have machine or hand quilted)

Reserve Champion: Terri Moore

V.C.2, Blue: Bonnie Steffey, Terri Moore, Edie Seiler

V.C.3, Blue: Pattie Stone

V.C.4, Blue: Pattie Stone, Kathy McFarland

V.C.5, Blue: Teresa Burdine, Susan Brewer

V.E.2, Blue: Peggy Jacobs

Division VII: Quilted Articles

Champion & Reserve Champion: Becky Margison

VII.B.1.a, Blue: Jenny Branson

VII.B.2.a, Blue: Jan Smith, Carol Stohry, Bonnie Steffey, Becky Margison, Teresa Burdine, Cathy Burnes

VII.C.1.a, Blue: Terri Moore

VII.C.2.a, Blue: Jean Parker, Holly Daniels, Pattie Stone, Terri Moore, Susan Brewer, Robin Ailes, Jean Parker, Carol Stohry, Teresa Burdine

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