General Information and Programs (2024)

Academic Coursework

What courses are offered in Florence?

Courses offered during the Florence Semester programare standard and offered each semester.

Courses offered during the summer can change each year.

How will my courses transfer back to my home institution?

While studying at the Kent State Florence Center you’ll be able to take courses that will transfer back to your home institution (if you are a Guest Student and not currently enrolled at KSU). Course credit is awarded by Kent State University so if you are a Kent State student, there is no need to transfer credits. If you are not a Kent State student, the credits can be easily transferred. The Kent State Florence program coordinator can work with you one-on-one to assist with the course evaluation process at your home institution and provide guidance through the course registration process at Kent State.

Can I take online courses through the Kent Campus while studying in Florence?

Yes, online coursework is possible but there are regulations:

  • While studying in Florence, students must maintain a full-time student status of 12 credit hours minimum (for undergraduate students).
  • In addition to the 12 credit hours taken in Florence, students can elect to take additional online coursework offered through the Kent and regional campuses.

Costs and Funding

How much does the Kent State Florence program cost? Can I utilize financial aid or scholarships?

All students participating will pay Kent State tuition. The cost of attendance varies on the length of your program. See our Funding page to learn how to calculate your budget and access cost-saving resources. Most Kent State University scholarships and federal financial aid will apply.

There is a financial aid counselor specifically for education abroad. You can schedule an appointment with them on KSU Advising (Group Name: Education Abroad) or

Living in Florence (Travel/Food)

Can you assist me with my visa application?

Most students studying in Florence for a full semester will be required to apply for a student travel visa. The Kent State Florence program is able to provide guidance throughout this process and also offers group processing for students committed to the program.

Which airports are accessible from Florence?

The Florence Airport, Pisa Airport and Rome Airport are all accessible from Florence.

How do I get from the airport to my apartment?

If you are participating in the group flight, the Florence Center staff will meet you and give you a packet with your apartment key. They will then order a pre-paid taxi for you, and you will be taken to your apartment.

If you are traveling independently to Florence, you must first go to the Florence and Abroad office to pick up your apartment keys. From there, you should independently travel to your apartment. Independent travelers will be sent specific instructions on how to do this.

Should I purchase a rail pass?

Many students hope to use their long weekends and breaks to travel within and beyond Italy. Travel by train is quite common and is usually an inexpensive and easy option for students and locals alike.

The option of purchasing a rail pass or buying train tickets on an individual basis is a personal decision for students to make. Typically, students staying for a full semester in Florence will find more use in purchasing a rail pass than students who are studying in Florence over the summer.

Are there options for students who have specific dietary needs, restrictions or food allergies?

Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and markets that offer a variety of options for students with specific dietary needs, including gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. There are many guides available online for navigating Florence with dietary restrictions and, in addition, the Student Life Coordinators in Florence can provide suggestions of where to eat and shop.

Does Kent State Florence have a gym or recreational facilities?

The facilities in the ancient city of Florence are different from what you might experience on campus in Ohio, so while a gym is not part of our building in Italy, there are various gyms within the city that students can research online prior to their departure or join upon arrival. The Student Life Coordinators in Florence may also be able to suggest some that are nearby or that students often utilize.

Outside of the traditional gym, there are plenty of trails where students can cycle, skate, walk, or run, including theArno Riverfront andCascine Park.


Where will I stay while living in Florence?

Kent State University arranges housing accommodations on behalf of students prior to their arrival in Florence. Students stay in apartments throughout the heart of the city. Apartments are fully furnished with bed linens, a kitchen, washing machine, tv and wifi. Apartments are shared with two to eight other students in the program, gender-inclusive housing is available and it is possible to submit a roommate request.

I am registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) on campus. Will my accommodations transfer to the Kent State Florence Program?

Yes. Any student who is registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Kent State will be able to disclose this information during the application process. Kent State Florence is able to then work directly with SAS to ensure that all reasonable accommodations can be met while in Florence.

Am I able to request an individual apartment?

Yes. Standard housing in Florence is a shared apartment with 2-8 students and standard occupancy per bedroom is two students per room. However, students may reach out to the Florence Program Coordinator to request a private apartment. Please note that there is limited availability of private apartments, so students should inquire early about this option. In addition, private apartments do come at a higher cost than a standard apartment.

Can I submit a roommate request for someone who is in a different cohort than I am? (e.g., Can a Fashion student live with an Arts & Sciences student?)

Yes. During the application process, students can submit their roommate preferences for any student who they would like to live with regardless of academic major or cohort.

General Information and Programs (2024)


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