79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (2024)

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (1)

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79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (2)

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Home Gym Photos

Home gyms are a hassle-free way to ensure that you always get the workout you need to stay fit and healthy. Going to the gym can be a very time-consuming and even put a damper on your motivation. If you have an accessible gym at home, you can design your workout schedules as you see fit. Here is one home gym design gallery that you can get get the juices flowing. You can use these pictures to get inspiration to create your very own, convenient home gym.

Modern Home Gym

See the entire house here. Above is a very cool example of a modern home gym. The house was designed by SOA architekti and the room was designed specifically for use a gym. I love it.

Matt Damon’s amazing home gym

Matt Damon’s gym has it all – full set of cario equipment, professional gym flooring and all the gym accessories you could want. See his entire house here. Source: TopTenRealEstateDeals.com.

Home gym with a sandbag and treetop views

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (5)

This home gym also boasts its large space, full equipment, a sandbag hanging in the middle and lovely relaxing treetop view outside the tall glass windows. Photo credit: Adrian Van Anz and Jason SpethSource:www.eaglecrestmountain.com

See more of this home here

Home gym with corner climbing wall

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (6)

Climbing walls in a home gym is a great idea if you really want to get in shape. It tests both physical and mental stamina and it also reduces stress. Incorporate it with your routine for added cardio and strength. Photo Credit: Steve HaningSource:luxecir.idxbroker.com

Rustic Home gym with a spa and sauna set

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (7)

A refreshing workout space complete with a spa and sauna set. After a rigorous workout, you’ll surely feel muscle sores and using a sauna will help ease the pain. It works by enhancing the muscle recovery process and by allowing the muscle to relax better. Photo Credit: Steve Haning Source:luxecir.idxbroker.com

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Home gym with sauna

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (8)

There is nothing better than a home gym with a Sauna. After a sweaty workout and muscle training, you will love the sauna option to cleanse your body, flush out toxins, and open the pores of the skin. The convenience of a sauna at home is unparalleled since it helps your body relax after tensing the muscles with exercise.

Modern home gym with cardio equipment and amazing floor-to-ceiling windows

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (9)

An open space with floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you to feel more relaxed and free. The view actually helps facilitate a better workout since the space doesn’t feel cluttered. The problem with most gyms is that it feels too closed off, which you can maneuver around using the windows.

Cardio and weightlifting equipment

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (10)

Pairing weight lifting with some cardio is the best way to stay fit. Weight lifting helps with strength and muscle buildup, while cardio can keep the weight in check and build up stamina. They are both complementary workouts that are practiced in gyms all over the world.

Gym on upper landing with skylights

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (11)

If you are making a home gym on the upper landing side of the house, the best thing you can do is add some nice skylights. This will allow fresh air and warm sunlight to stream into the gym. This opens up the space and makes it a great place for a workout.

Home gym in the attic

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (12)

You can also clear out your attic and make a sleek gym space there. Sunlight with proper lights can ensure that it is a great place for a workout. You can create a combination of cardio and weightlifting both if you have a big enough space.

Simple gym with sauna

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (13)

You don’t need to make a really fancy home gym either. It can be a simple design with an option for cardio and some weights. Many people make simple gyms and add a sauna to amplify the benefits.

Spectacular luxury home gym

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (14)

Luxurious home gyms are also a great option if you have the space for it. It becomes more motivating to work out in such spaces. It is also a modern design for a home gym, meaning that it won’t look out of place or unaesthetic in your home.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (15)

Gyms with a view are surely the best. If you live in an apartment, you can build the gym next to the windows for the best views. Combined with stellar music, this could become a great place to get some ‘me time’.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (16)

Many homeowners also cordon off a section of their house for a gym. If you have a big enough sitting room where you usually relax in, you can divide it up to make space for a gym as well. Usually, people do this with game or movie rooms.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (17)

Wooden paneling can look beautiful in a home gym. It sets a great mood and doesn’t look unpleasant, which means that it won’t look bad as part of your home.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (18)

If you have a small space for a home gym, adding big mirrors is a great idea. It opens up the space more and makes it easier to correct your positions. Make sure you add a window since natural lights can help to open up the space more.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (19)

Even if you have a closed off space without any natural sunlight, you can add mirrors and professional lights to make the space seem more inviting. A home gym should also have proper room for warm-ups and cool-downs to compliment the exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (20)

A home gym next to the garden can actually be the best. You can do warm-up and cool-down exercises in the fresh air and perform the necessary cardio and exercise in your fully-equipped gym.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (21)

Home gyms don’t need a huge space to be effective. Even a small room with a cardio machine and weights can be enough to get fit. 79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (22)

A home gym with cardio machines, weights, speakers, and space for yoga is the perfect space to fuel your workouts. It will help you keep interested since you can design new workouts and enjoy the exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (23)

Home gyms don’t need a huge space to be effective. Even a small room with a cardio machine and weights can be enough to get fit.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (24)

A home gym with cardio machines, weights, speakers, and space for yoga is the perfect space to fuel your workouts. It will help you keep interested since you can design new workouts and enjoy the exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (25)

Some people also make sure that they have everything they need in one space. Along with the exercise equipment, they make a space to store towels, water, and healthy snacks to power you. In the end, you can also lounge on the massage table to relax your muscles and start the repairing process with style.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (26)

A table for towels, water, and any other item you may need during the workout is also a great idea. It will ensure that you don’t have to leave repeatedly and can focus on your exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (27)

Machines and workout equipment can often look cumbersome and cluttered. If you want a lot of them, make sure you have an open space with a high ceiling. Fans can be added for ventilation purposes but air conditioners should be avoided since that can cause the body to heat up internally.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (28)

Warm lights and windows should be used to make the gym looks better and more inviting. Surrounding yourself with fresh greenery can be very soothing. Light paints can also open up the room more.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (29)

With a big enough space, you can create a two storey gym. This helps to divide up the space according to the workout. Make sure to add a giant TV as well since it can make the exercise more enjoyable and fun since you can use Netflix all you like.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (30)

A TV can actually help you work out longer. It is common to use it to distract you from the intense exercise and helps pass the time. Pointing your equipment at your furniture isn’t a bad idea at all.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (31)

A fully equiped gym should have different sections for different workouts. The cardio machines, weights, and muscle building machines should all have their separate sections in the gym so that it is more organized and fun.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (32)

Mirrors are great so that people can see their positions while lifting or stretching. It helps to fix the errors and also reduces vertigo. Mirrors also help to make space feel bigger than it is.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (33)

Just lifting weights or running on a treadmill can get boring. Gyms with fun exercise options like basketball posts, weight balls, and trampolines can help you stay fit while enjoying.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (34)

Huge home gyms can be really fun if you are serious about your workouts. Surrounded by windows and greenery can do wonders for your motivation. The portable sauna is also a great addition for the gym since it helps you relax post-exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (35)

A great lighting work is great for night-time workouts, which means you can fiddle with your workout schedule as you see fit. The open space also allows you ample room to change your workout from machines to yoga or meditation.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (36)

A get way to work out the upper section of the body is adding a boxing bag. It is a really amazing cardio that also works the muscles for a sustained exercise.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (37)

Zillow DigsTM

After an intense cardio, you should also have a place to relax the muscles. This allows you time for your heart rate to go down in a healthy way and is the perfect way to get some peaceful ‘me time’.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (38)

Zillow DigsTM

High ceilings can make the workout location look less cluttered even if you have a lot of machines. Using windows and mirrors is also a good idea to open the space up.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (39)

Zillow DigsTM

Do make sure that you add a good ventilation source like fans and windows so that you don’t feel suffocated. However, it is a good idea to avoid air conditioning since it can decrease sweating and cause the body to heat up.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (40)

Zillow DigsTM

Modern home gyms use minimalistic equipment and wood paneling to make the space look better. Grey rustic walls also create an aesthetically pleasing home gym.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (41)


With big windows, great lighting, and a fully-equipped space, you won’t ever feel like missing a workout. Add some color to the walls of your space in order to bring it to life.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (42)

MU Architecture

Home gyms don’t need to be expensive. You can just have a minimalistic workout space with a yoga ball, a mat, and a cardio machine.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (43)

ByJeri Koegel Photography

Sectioning a portion of your outdoor sitting area can be a great way to organize your home gym. It allows you to have a nice space for your extracurricular activities.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (44)

ByCollege City Design Build

Beautiful wooden paneling with a black floor is a really aesthetically pleasing combination. Do make sure to pair it with warm lights that make the space feel even more inviting.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (45)

ByApex Mountain Homes

A lot of people utilize the space with their indoor pool for a home gym. A little dip in the water after a workout is the perfect way to relax the muscles.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (46)

ByGaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc.

A combination of different woods can also be used to create a rustic look. Wood comes in all sorts of colors, from grey to pale pink. Combinations can make the room look great.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (47)

ByDeGraw & DeHaan Architects

A lot of people find it mentally healing to do breathe work. An open space where a guru can guide you through the journey can be really pleasant to work through mental stressors.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (48)

ByBradfield & Tobin

If you want a gym in your beach house, make sure that it has huge windows so that you can watch the calming sea while working out.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (49)

ByClaire Esparros for Homepolish

Meditation spaces need to be minimalistic and have lots of natural light. This will allow you to relax and get into a peaceful mindset quickly.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (50)

BySogno Design Group

If you are really into bicycling, make sure that you have a space to warm up and then cool down in. A treadmill will allow you to warm-up, while a relaxing hammock and good music can slow down your heart rate in a healthy manner.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (51)

ByRichard Moody & Sons Construction LLC

White is a really lovely color to make any room seem bigger. Home gyms can be great spaces if you don’t feel claustrophobic.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (52)

BySHKS Architects

Wooden panels look earthy and they can set a good mood to relax in for yoga exercises and meditation.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (53)

ByCedar Hill Custom Homes

Bricks walls or wallpaper is a great way to give your home gym a more rustic look. You can pair it with big lamps on the ceilings to balance the modern equipment.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (54)

ByRozalynn Woods Interior Design

If you have a family that is big on yoga and meditation, make sure that the gym is next to big windows. Paint the walls white since it gives off good energy.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (55)

ByGriffiths Construction, Inc.

Home gyms should have climbing walls. They are a really great way to get some cardio, as well as work out your muscles.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (56)

ByPlatinum Homes by Mark Molthan

You can also use different wallpapers to mark different sections of the home gym. This looks great and helps to organize your gym.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (57)

ByCedar Hill Custom Homes

You can also organize your home gym by sectioning off weights and cardio by adding a wall in between. You don’t need to add a door to completely seal it off though.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (58)

BySouth Florida Architecture

Using yoga cushions can help you get in the relaxation zone faster. They help you keep your heart rate steady and allow you to sit with the correct posture.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (59)

ByNeumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP

You can also design your home gym next to the back door. You can pop out for a ride on your bicycle for a cardio session after warming up with some weight training.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (60)

ByThe Hammer & Nail, Inc.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (61)

Rustic Home Gym

You don’t have to just stare at plain walls while you are doing some cardio. You can decorate your home gym with some interesting paintings, photographs, or posters.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (62)

By David Scott Parker Architects Llc

You can also add some cozy sitting options or reading nooks in your home gym to make it a calming space for all your extracurricular activities.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (63)

By Alvarez Homes

Home gyms can also be made near your back yard. This will allow you to do warm-ups in your yard in the fresh air.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (64)

By Schultz Miller

You don’t have to restrict yourself to weights and cardio. You can also make a gymnastics studio in your home for fun workouts.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (65)

By Addition Building & Design, Inc.

This gym has the perfect equipment for a good upper body workout with gymnastics and wall climbing.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (66)

ByMary Prince Photography

A hot tub and shower space is a must-have if you have the space for it. After an intense workout, they can help relax your muscles and wash off the sweat.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (67)

ByHeather Garrett Design

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (68)

ByGreeson & Fast Design

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (69)

ByV Flo

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (70)

ByNico van der Meulen Architects

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (71)


79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (72)

ByEleni Interiors

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (73)

ByTouchstone Construction Services Pty Ltd

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (74)

ByMigala Carpet One

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (75)

ByPhilipp Widmer

Meditation spaces can be decorated with apt paintings and statues for a more authentic look.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (76)

ByJonathan Little Photography

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (77)

ByDavid Giral Photography

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (78)

ByTrio Design Consultants

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (79)

ByEurodale Developments Inc

Grey and black carpeting also sets a more serious and rustic look to the home gym. This is especially true if you add some nice reddish brown wooden paneling.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (80)

ByForteza Aparicio Interiores

You can add an interesting carpet that sets a great mood in your gym. It can add a nice note of contrast to the white walls of the gym.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (81)

ByThe Fitness Shop

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (82)

ByTamarack North

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (83)

ByCastle Homes

Decorate your home gym with nice accessories and shelves. This will make your home gym look really neat and organized.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (84)

BySerenity Contracting and Design

Adding paintings in your home gym is a great way to liven up the space. They also make the home gym look more aesthetically pleasing.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (85)


79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (86)

ByMozolowski & Murray

Using glass and wooden frames for the roof of your gym will let in a lot of natural light. It creates an inviting, open space to motivate you for the workout.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (87)

ByRikki Snyder

A crisp white studio with big mirrors makes for a really inviting space to perform your workout in.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (88)


An open roof concept isn’t a new one but when paired with wooden panels on the roof it becomes a really great addition to your home.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (89)

Fujiyoshi Hideki Architec’t Inc.

An indoor golfing area can also be a great way to work up a sweat. You can even put it on putting mode to relax after a cardio workout.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (90)

ByHy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company

A hot water tub surrounded by windows overlooking the garden can be really soothing. You can install opaque glass to let the light in but but still maintain your privacy.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (91)

ByAtmosphere 360 Studio

Uneven bricks and wood paneling can look really unique and rustic in your home gym. Use them to give the space an earthy look.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (92)

ByPeninsula Custom Homes

Some motivating workout carvings resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics can make your gym look unique and cool.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (93)

ByElevate Design + Construct

If you have a huge attic, use it to create yourself an amazing looking gym. You can use the landings of the roof as a styling opportunity.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (94)


A nice rustic rug can add some color to the home gym and give it a more rustic feeling. It looks great against wood paneling.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (95)

BySmart Interiors

You can use different wallpapers to make the gym look more interesting. It can add some unique color to your gym.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (96)

ByMK Properties

Add a balcony next to your home gym to get some fresh air after an intense workout. This will help get your heart rate down in a healthier way.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (97)

This modern home gym has its own unique style, the room has its own glass walls so you can see the view outside and features different kinds of training tools. Seemore of this home here.

By TopTenRealEstateDeals

Types of Home Gyms

Maybe it is a New Year’s resolution or advice from the doctor. Whatever the case or cause, building and designing home gyms is a trend that is on the rise, whether a room with a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike or a fully outfitted gym with weights and a fleet of cardio equipment.

Home gyms offer many different benefits over a basic gym membership: location and ease of access are among the most popular. However, adding a gym to your home can also increase the home’s resale value.

Designing a home gym isn’t something you can just do on a whim, though. It takes careful planning and budgeting to determine what will suit your needs the best.

1. Planning Stages

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (98)

One of the first choices you need to make is if you are going to convert an existing room into a home gym or build a gym as an addition to the home. The costs vary considerably and depending on the size and location you will need to factor in such things as foundations, permits, contractor costs, and materials.

A. What are the Uses?

The next step is to determine precisely how you will use the space. There are options for weight training, sports training, yoga or Pilates and any combination you can imagine. However, it is what you will use the home gym for that is essential.

If you want a combination space such as free weights and yoga, then you need to plan for an expansive floor plan. The type of equipment used will be what takes up most of the space. However, you need to factor in your movements and allow for ease of access.

B. How Often Will It Be Used?

It is easy to get excited about a home gym, and you just know that you will use it every day and twice on Friday. However, the reality is that you are most likely to use the home gym only a fraction of the time.

The home gym, unlike other rooms, has a single dedicated purpose: gym training. You won’t hang out in the room watching the big football game or eating dinner with guests here.

Knowing a realistic measure of when you will utilize the room will allow for your budget and floor plan to have more breathing room.

C. How Much Space to Use?

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (99)

In a perfect world, size doesn’t matter. But then neither would budget or plans. Since we don’t live in an ideal world, we need to account for space. The square footage of the home gym will be the most significant factor in the total cost of the area.

Plan for your usage and activity in the room and adjust your budget accordingly. It is far easier to make changes on a blueprint during this planning stage than to decide you need more or less room after the fact.

2. Costs

Deciding on too many different aspects will only raise your fees and lead you to an unused space. Choosing too few will leave you wanting more and having to make expensive changes later on.

A typical home gym as an add-on will cost around $41,000 when built from scratch. That figure can be cut by about 50% if you are doing a demolition and remodel of an existing room.

You will need to factor in different aspects that will go towards the final cost. Flooring, for example, is a more significant expense. Because there won’t be any furniture such as dressers, beds or appliances, you can budget your room costs more efficiently. This is not to say you shouldn’t take precautions, but with the initial room design, you can add more to your budget where you need it most.

3. Types

There are three major types of home gyms:

  • Addition/remodel of a room built onto the home
  • Studio with little to no equipment (used for yoga or pilates)
  • Detached building.

A. Addition/Remodeled Room

By far the most common home gym is an addition to the home or the demolition and remodel of an existing room. These types will have interior access from the home itself.

If you are doing a demolition of an existing room, you should use a contractor to point out important features of the current structure, such as load bearing walls and where critical power wires are running.

The drawback to this type is the actual size capabilities. Converting a bedroom into a home gym, for example, means you are limited to the overall square footage of the original room. Planning every item ahead of time will help overcome this drawback.

B. Studio

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (100)

If you aren’t into weight training, and just want a separate room for stretches, yoga or pilates, then you will probably want to look into creating a studio.

In general, studio home gyms take up very little square feet and have elaborate floors for comfort and usability. Storage in the room is also limited, a place to keep yoga mats, blocks, and rollers and a few extra towels. The costs can be kept down to a minimum with a studio.

C. Detached Building

On the high end of the expense side are detached, or stand alone, home gyms. These are separate buildings from the actual home and have their own entrance, power, and water.

A detached garage can be converted into a home gym, or you can have a new building fabricated from various materials such as steel, wood or brick.

The advantage to this type of home gym is that your imagination and budget are the only limiting factors. You can build a complete gym with a sauna, spa and even tanning beds. However, permits, construction and even approval from a homeowner’s association may be needed.

Be sure you check all codes, costs and time frames before settling for this type of home gym. Depending on your location the costs can easily exceed $100,000 when all is said and done.

4. Features

When designing your home gym, there are a lot of features that you should consider. Aside from the equipment needed to perform your gym activities, you also need to think about the floor and floor coverings as well as furniture you may require.

A. Equipment

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (101)

Whether you are designing a full blow strengthening gym or a simple yoga studio, your equipment is the largest factor.

You may be sports training and will require a good mounting location for a heavy bag or speed bag. You will also need a sturdy frame or beam for the chin-up bar.

When it comes to weights, you have a lot of options. Free weights are usually the least expensive but will require the most space. You will need benches and racks to hold the weights as well as the room to place the equipment while still being able to move around.

If you opt for cable weight machines, a general all-in-one option may be the best bet. Centrally located in the room will give you access to all of the machines abilities and free up much-needed floor space.

B. Flooring

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (102)

Another important factor will be the flooring. You will need a durable floor that lasts a long time. Most notable options are going to be a hardwood floor or a concrete floor with a floor covering such as shock absorbing padding.

You should plan and design your flooring with mistakes in mind. You may never drop a weight or a bar, but you need a floor that can withstand the abuse if you do. Because a lot of strength training routines use barbells and dumbbells, you may not always be able to place them on the floor between reps gently.

In general, a flooring with a well-padded surface will cost between $1200 and $3000. Aside from your equipment, it is the one area you shouldn’t skimp on in your budget.

C. Furnishings

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (103)

While your home gym won’t need the same furnishings as a primary bedroom or a kitchen, there are some aspects of furniture that need to be examined, especially if the room is stand alone or detached.

You can scratch a bed off your budget list, obviously, but you may want to take a second look at a dresser or chest of drawers. Having the ability to store towels, workout clothing and other essentials might be important to you. Keeping the room tidy and looking it’s best, a small dresser will allow you to keep your clean items off the floor.

You should consider a nice hamper as well. When you finished using the home gym, you don’t want to take your sweaty clothes with you through the rest of the house.

Towel racks, like equipment racks, should be utilized to keep the space clutter free and have everything you need within arm’s reach.

On the functional side, you may even decide to install a sink and a refrigerator. Keeping your supplements, pre-and post-workout drinks ready and cool will only help to motivate you to use the home gym frequently.

5. Lighting

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (104)

Lighting is crucial in a home gym. Either for the early bird routines or the late-night routines, lights will be significant. You may also design a conversion where there are no windows, like a garage.

Overhead lights tend to work the best, with track lighting another popular option. You want to think about ceiling height when deciding on lighting. If you will be doing a lot of cardio work with a jump rope, for instance, having low hanging overhead lights might not be the best option.

Floor lamps aren’t efficient, depending on the size of your home gym, and it is just one more thing on the floor or in your way. You can opt for recessed overhead lighting if ceiling height is a factor, though, and give the entire room the light it needs.

Windows are another option as well. Natural light coming in through large pane windows will give the room great eye-appeal. You shouldn’t rely on natural light as a sole option though.

6. Air Control

Air control should be another option you invest your time and budget in. Because of the nature of a home gym, it won’t always be fresh. You don’t want your room or the adjacent home to end up smelling like a high school locker room.

Having windows on opposite sides of the room to allow for cross-circulation is a good option. You can also invest in ceiling fans to help move the old, stale air out and bring fresh air in.

Heating and air conditioning units, either as a part of the home system or stand alone for the home gym will allow you to have the warmth in the winter and the cool in the summer so you can stay productive year-round.

7. Color

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (105)

All in all, gyms tend to be pretty bland. A single color throughout that matches the equipment makes for a droll display. In a home gym, however, you are free to use any color or theme style you like.

Bright, bold colors are a favorite here. You don’t need to worry about using muted colors to give an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The opposite is true here. You want to feel energized and excited when you enter your home gym.

Pick a color that is bright and bold to give you a mental boost when you start your workouts. You can even pick from popular colors such as red and blue or even green to get an idea of what will make you feel your best in your home gym.

8. Special Considerations

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (106)

The final factor in designing your home gym will be treatment and maintenance of the room. Because of its nature, the room will incur more wear and tear than most other places in your home.

You need to allow room in your budget for things like flooring replacement, equipment repairs and if you have sinks and appliances, you should plan on regular maintenance for them as well.

In the end, the overall design is up to you based on how you will use the room, how often and the size you have to play around with. Take your time in designing the room, and you will end up with a home gym you are proud of.

You can view our galleries to get inspiration ideas for all the features we talked about.

DISCLAIMER: Our home cost estimator does not generate a quote and is an approximate cost.

79 Home Gym Design Ideas (Photos) (2024)


How do you layout a small home gym? ›

Convert a Shed Into a Small Gym

Just add rubber mats to protect the floors, shelving units for storage, and your cardio or weight-lifting equipment of choice! Hang a pegboard on the back of your door to store workout accessories like lifting gloves, resistance bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats in your small gym space.

What is the best size room for a home gym? ›

Tanya, whose portfolio includes luxury projects, says that 250 square feet to 300 square feet is a good-size room to accommodate a home gym, but warns against loading the room with equipment just because you think you have the space.

How to do gym layout? ›

To design the perfect fitness gym layout, begin with a blueprint of your space, then follow these steps: Establish workout/non-workout areas: Mark out your main training space/s as well as change rooms, showers, bathrooms and reception/admin areas (where applicable).

What is the smallest size for a home gym? ›

Around 16 square meters (172 square feet) is a good size room for your home gym, but you can make a gym in a space as small as 3 by 4 metres with less equipment. So it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your workout routine and the equipment you need to do that.

Is 10x10 big enough for a home gym? ›

A typical space that works well is a 10'x10' bedroom. This allows for the necessary width for items like a squat rack and free weight systems. This will give enough width to load and unload weight plate from a bar easily and away from walls. If your plan is to have a cardio piece or two, then a 10'x10' space works too.

Is 200 sq ft big enough for a home gym? ›

Average Home Gym Size

Many can build an impressive home gym within the same square footage of a single-car garage, which is about 200 square feet. However, you're welcome to dream big and by having a larger space, you'll have more options for equipment and variety in your workout routine.

How much light do I need for a home gym? ›

How Much Light Do I Need for a Home Gym? It is recommended that you have good bulbs, typically LED, that emit 6000K light. Since most gyms have plenty of windows and fluorescent lighting, you want to recreate that experience to an extent to ensure you are as awake and aware as you would be in a regular gym.

Is a shed big enough for a home gym? ›

150 square feet is a good size for a home gym, but you can get by with smaller ones. 40 square feet is the very minimum size that you will need for a gym shed. This much room would only allow you to train without any equipment. 150+ square feet will give you room to add more equipment to the gym.

How much will it cost to setup a home gym? ›

If you plan on purchasing heavy equipment and also spending on flooring, ventilation, lighting, etc., your home gym setup cost (India) could go up to INR 1-2 lakhs.

How much does a simple home gym cost? ›

Home gym costs. A home gym costs $800 to $5,000 on average for a basic workout room. A small gym costs $200 to $500 with the most essential fitness gear, while a premium exercise room costs $5,000 to $25,000+ for a complete setup of high-end equipment. Outdoor home gym equipment costs $5,000 to $15,000.

How to design a gym interior? ›

Top 25 Most Important Fitness Center Design Guidelines
  1. Space Allocation: Ensure there's ample space for both equipment and movement. ...
  2. Flooring: Use high-quality, durable flooring suitable for fitness activities. ...
  3. Lighting: Ensure the facility is well-lit. ...
  4. Ventilation: Adequate air circulation is vital.
Jan 5, 2024

What is the 5x5 rule in the gym? ›

Reps and sets: Perform each exercise for five sets of five reps. Rest breaks: Rest between each set for two to three minutes, depending on the intensity and how you feel. Schedule: Complete the program three times a week on non-consecutive days, allowing for rest in between.

Why is the gym layout important? ›

Your gym layout is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a gym business. A well-designed gym layout will maximize space utilization, improve customer satisfaction, and generate more revenue.

How much space do I need for a gym? ›

Experts advise planning 36 square feet per member and 45-75 square feet per equipment, so you will need at least 1,000 square feet to open a basic gym. Section the space into different zones, for example, cardio equipment in one area, strength training in another, and remaining rooms for classes.

How much room do you need to set up a total gym? ›

A: A space 6 ft. wide by 9 ft. long will work. If you don't extend legs to the side, for some exercises, you can cut the width to 4 ft.

What size garden room for a gym? ›

Garden Gym Building Size. A 5m x 4m space is optimal for most garden gyms, providing enough space for an array of equipment as well as space to stretch and warm down. You can scale this down to 3m x 3m if you're prepared to limit your equipment to a spin bike and weights.

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