40 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas for Adults (2024)

Are you planning on participating in a white elephant gift exchange this year and looking for some funny ideas to bring a smile to the faces of the party? White elephant gift exchanges are the perfect opportunity for unique gag gifts and creative fun. With this list of hilarious white elephant gift ideas you’ll be sure to have everyone giggling this Christmas.

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What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of white elephant gift exchanges, you may have even participated in them in the past. But unless your family or workplace has an annual tradition of hosting a white elephant gift exchange, there’s a good chance that you haven’t participated in one in quite a while and might be a little foggy on exactly how they work.

The White Elephant tradition adds a unique twist to gift-giving and is known by a bunch of different names as well. While there are a ton of versions of how to do a white elephant gift exchange, the traditional rules are simple.

First, bring a wrapped gift, then draw numbers to determine the order of choosing your gift from the wrapped surprises, and lastly, brace yourself for the unexpected.

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Typically everyone begins by sitting in a circle with the wrapped gifts either sitting in the middle of the circle or on a table nearby. The first person selects a wrapped gift from the pile and proceeds to open it in front of everyone.

The next person has the option to either take a new wrapped gift from the pile OR steal any gift that’s already been unwrapped. Sometimes people set rules for how many times a gift is allowed to be stolen (For example each gift can only be stolen 3 times and the third thief gets to keep said gift.) to prevent the gift stealing from going on indefinitely and the game taking ages.

Sometimes there is an additional round of stealing after every gift is opened. Beyond that there are other variations as well.

Any way you choose to run your white elephant gift exchange you can be sure that laughter, surprises, and perhaps a touch of confusion will be taking place.

How to Choose the Perfect White Elephant Gift

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One of the joys (and challenges) of participating in a white elephant exchange is finding that perfect gift. You have options on how to approach your gift selection. Sometimes people take pride in picking something really awesome that immediately gets stolen the max number of times.

But that really is the more generic route to take and not participating in the full festivities of just how random white elephant gifts can be.

Sometimes people select something used, old, used, or really random… and the joke is that whoever selects that gift gets stuck with it.

While others choose to go with funny gifts that bring out gasps, giggles, or even a few raised eyebrows from the crowd. In my opinion those that make you laugh or raise an eyebrow BUT are actually cool enough to be stolen once are the best!

With such a wide variety of gifts the unwrapping and stealing is more fun than receiving the gifts themselves.

When choosing the right gift think about the group dynamics. Is your exchange filled with colleagues who enjoy a good laugh, friends who appreciate quirky treasures, or family members who you are excited to make lasting holiday memories with? Tailoring your gift to the audience is important.

Secondly, consider the element of surprise. The most successful white elephant gifts are often the most hilarious ones. While it can be gratifying to choose the BEST gift that gets stolen again and again, it doesn’t bring out as much laughter and cheer as a hilarious gift would, which is really the most memorable part of the entire white elephant experience. Sometimes, the most remembered gifts are the ones that make people wonder, “Who on earth thought of this?”

Lastly, remember the spirit of the season. While the gifts may be hilarious keep them in good taste. It’s one thing if your friends or family love dirty jokes and swear like sailors, there are some pretty hilarious gifts for crowds like that. But avoid anything that could offend or make someone uncomfortable when they open it. Remember your audience, their ages, and the spirit of the season.

Where to Shop for White Elephant Gifts

The beauty of white elephant gift exchanges is that you can literally shop anywhere. Used items are ok so you can not only shop on Amazon or at the mall but also can browse thrift shops and even your own garage for the perfect gift. Remember they can be something new, something old, something nice, something not-so-nice, something hilarious, or a mix of those.

So, whether you’re scouring thrift stores for the perfect oddity, crafting a DIY masterpiece, or shopping online, try your best to find a white elephant gift that stands out from the crowd.

After all, the real prize of participating in a white elephant gift exchange is never really in the gift itself, but in the shared moments of laughter and memory-making that come with each unwrapping.

40 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas You’ll Love

40 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas for Adults (4)

If you have decided to go with a gag gift that will bring out hoots, hollers, and laughter from the group then you’ve found yourself in the right place. These items are perfect for an adult gift exchange and are all funny or odd in nature.

If you select a gift from this list it may not be stolen the maximum amount of times allotted, but it will bring smiles to the faces of the guests. I’m keeping it clean with these gifts, though dirty joke/swear word gag gifts are funny too, that’s not the type I’m including here.

These are “funny for every audience” white elephant gift ideas, and I hope you find the perfect inspiration here.

  1. Fat Belly Fannypack
  2. Toilet Golf Set
  3. My Last Nerve (oh look its on fire) Candle
  4. I’m Not Old I’m Classic Mug
  5. Magnetic Hand-Holding Socks
  6. Wearable Shark Blanket with Hoodie
  7. Portable Neck Fan
  8. Pooping Dogs Calendar
  9. Yoga Cats Calendar
  10. Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise T-shirt
  11. Ripped Abs Cooking Apron
  12. Mini Circular Saw Pizza Cutter
  13. Tortilla Blanket
  14. The Clapper (You know, clap on, clap off, the clapper!)
  15. Off Topic (a Hilarious Adult Party Game)
  16. Screaming Goat Toy
  17. CVS Receipt Scarf
  18. Thumb Piano
  19. That’s a Horrible Idea… What Time? T-shirt
  20. The Christian Meme Game
  21. Poetry for Neanderthals Card Game
  22. Relative Insanity Party Game
  23. Fit Bod Bikini Cover-Up Shirt
  24. Hanging Cat Hand Towels
  25. It’s Weird Being the Same Age as Old People Mug
  26. Pooping Puppies Puzzle
  27. “If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Pizza” Socks
  28. Giant Pizza Blanket
  29. Back and Body Hurts Candle
  30. Golf BBQ Grill Set
  31. Batman Logo Toaster
  32. Yard Sasquatch Statue with Gnomes
  33. “If You See Me Talking to Myself…” Plaque
  34. “If My Dog Makes You Uncomfortable…” Plaque
  35. “Cat’s Welcome People Tolerated” Plaque
  36. Emotional Support Crochet Animals
  37. Lego Coffee Mug
  38. Dino Nugget Pillows
  39. Star Wars Ice Cube Mold
  40. Dumpster Pencil Holder
40 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas for Adults (2024)
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